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Ye! Im back!

2016-09-05 15:18:16 by Zordragon

I was on a volunteer service for two years! Now Im back, and Im studying artistic draw and animation.

Working Im some projects in free time! I'll upload somethings soon!

Have a nice day! 

Yeah...pico's day was a fail to me..

2014-04-28 00:07:22 by Zordragon

I was working on a game for pico day. I have worked really really hard and things are going ok.

I was drawing as allways, and a friend was programming. He have never worked on flash, but he was trying, and learning fast! 

I really liked the game and we were sacrificing several hours of sleep to finish it.

On pico's day, we were finishing the game, and about to submit it. I was really excited, the game just look awsome.

And then, several bugs and errors just show up. My friend, inexperienced with flash, couldn't fix at time and we lost pico's day...

I just went to bed felling lost. Too bad that happen.. I decide to polish the game, add a lot of thing, and post it later, but I really dont know if it gonna work..

Here's a picture of the game, level 4 (Dashkin Level) 

Yeah, the door was improvised, just a test. The plan was 2 trees and a shadow between then,

but I do not have time to change that, I'll do later...

i think...

well, anyway! Lets move on!